What can I do if my neighbors have bees?

With the increase in backyard beekeeping, you will most likely have a neighbor or even yourself with some bee colonies. Thankfully, the typical Langstroth hive only requires a few feet of space; hence any backyard has the potential to carry some colonies. Keeping beehives in close proximity to people has set guidelines that someone should follow. These vary from state to state. They are put in place to protect the bees, beekeepers, and the public. Anyone seeking to keep bees in a backyard should strive to be a good neighbor. Also, consider teaching the non-beekeeping public about these amazing creatures since most people see bees as stinging machines. 

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What can I do if my neighbors have bees?

If your neighbor has bees, they will most probably tell you about these amazing creatures. If not, you may try to establish an open dialogue with them. Thankfully, most of them will try to alleviate your concerns. It is also good to have their emergency contact details just in case an issue arises. Honey bees will only sting a person if they feel threatened. And luckily, only a minimal percentage of the population (about( 5%) is allergic to bee stings. You may consult with the doctor if you are worried about being allergic and let them know if you are allergic to stings. If concerned about being stung, you can discuss with your neighbor about putting a barrier like a fence that forces bees to fly over your yard instead of through it. Some beekeepers usually reward their neighbors with a jar of honey after harvesting. Once you taste the pure and sweet reward, you are likely to be their biggest fan. 

Will my family be safe with a bee colony in my neighbor’s backyard?

Most people will assume that because a neighbor has some beehives, they will have more bees coming to their property. However, this is not always the case. Honey bees fly up to five miles to forage. So, they may fly past your yard, especially if no blooms are currently in your garden. If they visit your garden, they will benefit your plants through pollination. The bees are always on a mission to collect some nectar and go back to their homes safely. They will rarely sting you or a pet unless provoked. It is advisable never to swat them if they buzz near you. If you are allergic to bee stings, you may talk with your doctor to see whether you should have an EpiPen. 

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How can l benefit the bees if my neighbor has a hive?

You can benefit the bees by using bee-friendly pesticides. Most pesticides have a negative effect on bees and other pollinators. By refraining from using them, you help the colonies to thrive.  You can also consider planting bee-friendly blooms so that they will not travel very far to get their food. You may also give them some water to drink. You simply do this by putting a container with water and some floater so they will not drown. If your neighbor sells honey, you can also promote them.

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