Do bees sting hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds and bees usually compete for the same food sources. They are both nectar-loving buzzers and pollinators! The birds possess long, thin beaks for reaching nectar from flowers. Honey bees have a long tongue known as proboscis and enjoy nectar from foxglove, petunias, salvias, bee balm, zinnias, and others. There is always a chaotic buzz when they come together in your backyard. Besides nectar, hummingbirds also prey on insects. Bird watcher enthusiasts use hummingbird feeders to attract large numbers of birds in an area. They enjoy watching them as they feed. The issue that arises is to keep bees, wasps, and hornets from the feeders.  

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Do bees sting hummingbirds?

Yes, honey bees can sting hummingbirds. The venom from the beestings can overwhelm their petite bodies and may even turn out to be fatal. The birds are too small to fight off the venom injected by the stinger. They are both attracted to the same food source hence confrontation may be inevitable. Hummingbird feeders also attract both of them. Sometimes the bees will feed along the hummingbirds, but other times they will chase them if they feel threatened. The birds are fast movers, and bees feel threatened by them. The bird also feels threatened by a large number of bees. When many bees are at a nectar source, the hummingbirds opt to leave and find other nectar sources. 

Do hummingbirds eat bees?

While Hummingbirds consume other insects, they do not eat honey bees. They do not consider them as an ideal food source. They eat various insects, such as ants, aphids, spiders, and flies, to cater to their protein needs. These are small enough for the hummingbird to catch and consume easily. 

How can you stop bee swarms on the hummingbird feeders?

Bees will always overtake the hummingbird feeder once they discover it. It is good to prevent them from invading the feeders in the first place. Once they discover a food source, it is hard to stop them. 

Use Feeders with Insects Guards

By using feeders with guards, the hummingbirds will be able to reach the nectar syrup with their long beaks, while the insects will not. This will help to keep the honey bees away.

Choose a Feeder that Doesn’t Leak

Check for leaks on your feeder at the onset of the season. Note that even small drips will attract the buzzing creatures. You should also avoid spilling syrup around the feeder or on its outside. 

Hang the Feeders in the Shade

Honey bees prefer food sources that are in full sunlight. By hanging the feeder in a shaded area, they will most likely not discover it. The birds will find as they forage naturally. 

Make Your Garden More Bee-friendly

Plenty of blooming flowers in your garden will help lure the honey bees into their natural food source. Some good choices include bee balm, sunflowers, and zinnias. It is also good to include the drought-resistant flowers that they love. Be sure to consider those that bloom at different times. 

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Decrease the Nectar-Sugar Ratio

The best sugar content of hummingbird nectar is around 20%.( 4 parts of water and 1 part of sugar). The bees also enjoy this sweetness. Reducing the concentration to 15% will still be ideal for the birds, but bees may not be attracted to it. 

Avoid Feeders with Yellow Color

Most common hummingbird feeders have a combination of red and yellow colors. This makes them look attractive. The yellow color attracts bees, while the red one attracts birds. The bees cannot perceive the red color. 

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