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About Bees

Do Bees Have Lungs? How do honey bees breathe?

Bees are famed for their hard work: they fly for miles in search of nectar and pollen and only rest at dusk. As such, they require an excellent respiratory system to supply them with oxygen and dispel carbon dioxide to carry out their duties effectively like other creatures. Do they

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What Is A Queen Cup? How to grow a queen bee?

While the idea of raising a queen doesn’t run in a new beekeeper’s mind, it is necessary as one advances in the journey.  Bee colonies die out every year and raising queens become instrumental in making new colonies. It may be seen as an expert-level practice, although it is easy

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How to keep Honey Bees away from the pool?

Like humans, bees see a pool as a refreshing body of water. In addition to nectar and pollen, they also collect water to hydrate their young ones and regulate the hive’s temperature. Surprisingly, they have a special love for saltwater and chlorinated pools. The chlorine scent and salts also attract

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Varroa Mite Treatment for Honey bees

Varroa mites (Varroa destructor) are one of the serious maladies in beekeeping that gives beekeepers sleepless nights. It is the most predominant pest in honey bee colonies over the world. Since its emergence in the USA, it has wiped out many bee colonies, including wild bees. As a beekeeper, it

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How far do honey bees travel from the hive?

Honey bees travel away from their nest to forage for pollen and nectar from blooming flowers for their colonies. As a beekeeper, close proximity to the food sources should be one of the considerations as you are setting up an apiary. You may have to feed the bees if a

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