About Us

I’m Hemant Gupta, an adventurous guy, and a Beekeeper.

“My Honey bee book” is about my experience with Honey bees and beekeeping. I have been a part of several kinds of research conducted on bees and also learned a lot about beekeeping during the past 10 years. With many years of beekeeping and hive building experience, my experience is first hand so I can guide you more on day-to-day beekeeping issues and give you tips about beekeeping.

To share my knowledge, experience, expertise, and everything I learned during my practice with the beekeeping world, I have started this beekeeping blog. This blog is about Bees, Honey, beehives, Bee wax and all other things which can be related to beekeepers. Whether it’s about the best and most organic way of beekeeping or some of your other queries, I can help you in the best way possible.

If you are into beekeeping or planning to do it in the near future, I am here to provide you with authentic and verified information.

“Happy Beekeeping!”