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Secrets of Honeybee Behavior: An In-depth Exploration

Introduction to Honeybee Biology Honeybees are fantastic creatures with a lengthy history of interactions with humans. In this article, I will discuss honeybee behavior and will explore all aspects I studied, learned, and found from my experience. It is crucial to know the behavior of bees before starting hives for


Do snakes eat bees? Do birds eat bees?

Honeybees are one of the most beneficial insects worldwide. Their role in plant survival through pollination is unmatched. And while they are usually armed with a stinger for defense, they are typically helpless with some enemies and require human intervention. Many diseases and parasites have caused many colonies to die


Why are beekeepers not stung?

Some people are scared to death at the thought of bee stings. However, beekeepers know that this is one of the prices to pay to get their reward. Some people shy away from keeping bees due to stings. Bee stings hurt! And while you can’t compare wasps or yellow jacket


What do bees do with dead bees in the hive?

Honey bees die every day. The lifespan of worker bees is about six weeks, and being in thousands, it is normal for them to die daily. The queen lays thousands of eggs daily in the peak seasons to replace the dead ones. The drones have an average lifespan of 55


What can I do if my neighbors have bees?

With the increase in backyard beekeeping, you will most likely have a neighbor or even yourself with some bee colonies. Thankfully, the typical Langstroth hive only requires a few feet of space; hence any backyard has the potential to carry some colonies. Keeping beehives in close proximity to people has


Do bees sting hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds and bees usually compete for the same food sources. They are both nectar-loving buzzers and pollinators! The birds possess long, thin beaks for reaching nectar from flowers. Honey bees have a long tongue known as proboscis and enjoy nectar from foxglove, petunias, salvias, bee balm, zinnias, and others. There


Do beekeepers live longer?

Beekeeping is one of those endowed bobbies with many rewards and benefits. It has always been referred to as the “sweet cause.”  The practice has been around for thousands of years. Beekeepers tend to enjoy the various bee products, and the yields of their farms are increased by having pollinators


Do beekeepers develop immunity to bee stings?

Beekeepers get stung by honey bees. They can’t escape this part. This is one of the prices to pay for the fantastic hobby that is dear to many. Thankfully, only a small percentage of the total population( about 5%) is allergic to bee stings. Beekeepers usually check on their level

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Should I eat honey on an empty stomach?

Honey is famed as one of the top superfoods across the globe, with many health benefits. It is also a popular and natural sweetener. Amazingly, the health benefits have been highly esteemed for ages. Raw honey has been used as a remedy throughout history for various ailments. While you can

Beekeeping - How to?

What kind of music do bees like? Do honey bees dance?

Honey bees are super-skilled creatures that amaze many: from well-organized social groups to artistic structures and unique products that they make. The hexagonal structures of the honeycomb are the most efficient in the world! No wonder they top the list of the most researched insects by scientists. A healthy colony

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